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Please note, that the Salesperson (RE 101) and Broker (RE 201) courses may run concurrently.

Welcome to Adams Real Estate Institute!

We hope the information you find here will help you decide to learn more about real estate and to learn it at our institute.

If you meet all other requirements of the licensing law, successful completion of our Basic Real Estate Course will qualify you to take the state examination given to applicants for a real estate salesperson's license. But this is only one reason why so many men and women, from all over the state, have studied with ADAMS INSTITUTE. Others simply want to learn more about real estate for their own benefit ... as owners ... or as investors.

Are you concerned with boring seminars? NO WAY will it happen with us ... the subjects covered are varied...and they are interesting. What you learn will be of value not only in any real estate transaction in which you may be involved...it will be of immense value in helping you pass the required license examination. Our Graduates have a high pass ratio! VERY HIGH!

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Special Message to you from our Staff

If you have any questions that are not covered here, please feel free to info@adamsinstitute.com contact us. If there is any reason you believe you should attend another school, we really would like to hear from you ... call and tell us. If we cannot explain why you would be better off by attending ADAMS INSTITUTE, to your complete satisfaction, we wish you well in whatever decision you choose to make.

So ... we hope this Web site answers your questions. Feel free to come by or call for further information.

Again, thank you for your interest in real estate ... and in ADAMS INSTITUTE. We eagerly await your enrollment ... and your future success. You may reserve your space in class by sending in your enrollment now ... you may take advantage of our discount by paying your tuition with your enrollment.

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