About Adams Real Estate Institute

Adams Real Estate Institute has developed an enviable record of student success with its guaranteed license training programs. Graduates throughout Louisiana are exceptionally well prepared for the state license examinations..

Courses produced by the Institute are among the most complete presentations of professional real estate brokerage in the field today. Our manuals and materials are constantly updated and revised, and have been specifically written and designed to prepare students for the increasingly difficult state examinations as well as for a career in real estate. Our practical as well as theoretical approach goes far beyond the minimum standards and requirements of the law in order to train you . . . not just to be licensed . . . but to be professionally competent and successful.

Organized in 1958, the Institute is known nationwide for its pursuit of excellence in training in other fields also, such as banking and other financial institutions, insurance, and various businesses and industries. Our client list includes major corporations throughout the United States. Since 1971 the Real Estate Division has specialized in conducting real estate courses. Since June 1, 1976 (the date Louisiana law required attendance at a licensed real estate school) the institute has been certified by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (License No. 0036) to conduct all classes necessary to obtain Real Estate Salesperson and Broker licenses.

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